Love TRUMPS Hate

In my personal opinion:

If you have been lucky enough to live in a bubble and haven’t had to come to terms with the fact that Trump is now Presidential Elect of the USA, then I can only be green with envy!!!

The worrying news that (in my personal opinion) a racist business man is now moving into the White House sends shivers down my spine. As my friend rightly puts it: “He’s a carrot with a wig” even more correct as both act as if they have no brain (one of course doesn’t, but I’ll let you choose who!).

What’s even more annoying then this immoral man being the “Leader of the free world” is that he technically doesn’t deserve it. Not because of his racist views on Mexicans, but because Hillary Clinton got more votes. Out of the amount of American citizens that voted 47.7% voted for Clinton, 47.5% voted Trump; but because of the way it works we now have a clown who knows the nuclear missile codes for the USA.

I’m not some die hard American Democrat, or a viscous Republican. In fact, I think both candidates had the combined sense of a chimpanzee when it comes to running a country. I think the choice was who was the lesser of two evils, a liar or an egomaniac.

Although his stance on Mexicans is extremely prejudiced, I want to see Trump do everything he said he would do. I want to see the “Trump wall” 35-50ft high, made from precast planks and of course, payed for by the Mexican government. If these criteria aren’t met? I would advise any American to build a wall around the White House. See if he can get out then. (I alsoΒ hope to seeΒ some flying pigs at his inauguration, I think it would tie in nicely!! )

Now that he’s president, I never ever want to see a job advertisement saying “experience needed”. If the great Donald can trump the competition and become the great leader of America, I should think we all can!

2016 has been an interesting year, Britain’s set sail for doom as it leaves the EU; America has shown diversity by electing their first orange president; and of course, the worst headline we hoped we would never see: toblerone changes it’s size!!! x(

But for now,

Keep calm and drink coffee!!

Laughter and Lattes πŸ™‚

All opinions expressed are mine, I do not mean to offend but I am merely sharing my thoughts!


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