Notes on a Life to Enjoy

So today I want to share my notes on what I think is important, or what we should enjoy more of. This may seem a bit strange but I’ve been noticing more and more how distracted people tend to be in life, so here is my notes:

1. Waiting should be enjoyed

Waiting often seems so boring, and annoying. It prevents us from doing things too quickly, and slows us down. But this should be a good thing surely?! Waiting means you can take a breath and low down, check on what you’ve done so far and prepare for what’s a head!

2.Β We should never be set in our ways too much

I feel it’s really important to make sure we don’t get to comfortable in the “same old, same old”, because then when change comes along we’re upset and unwilling to follow it, which, in my opinion, is a bad thing.

3. The little things in life matter

Everybody is always worrying about the big things, trying to enjoy them as much as possible. But honestly? The smaller things make the most impact on our day to day lives.

4. Being inside is over rated

Seriously. It is. Woodland, amazing views, beautiful wildlife; outside has it all. So stop staring at your phone or TV and get out there!!!

5. Procrastinating and wasting time is pointless

You’re gonna have to do it sometime, so what better time then the present? It’s gets the task out of the way so you don’t need to worry about it or dread it any longer!


Thanks for reading, I hope to add more soon πŸ™‚ Any ideas for a blog? Let me now in the comments! Thanks for all your support and encouragement,

Keep calm and drink coffee,

Laughter and Lattes ❀


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