Winter Drinks

I want to review some of my favourite Winter hot drinks, from hot chocolates to cappuccinos, Winter is the season for warm, milky drinks!

Hot Chocolate

I couldn’t do this list without including the absolute classic! If you have it with whipped cream, marshmallows or just a plain old hot chocolate it never quite seems to disappoint!


So this drink is a variation of coffee, based on an espresso (like most coffees). It’s a shot of espresso, with hot milk and cocoa powder (which forms a sort of a hot chocolate on top of the coffee. Topped with frothed milk and cocoa powder, this smooth, warm drink is perfect for cold months!

Flat White

Now this drink could also easily be brilliant for Spring, however I think it is also nice on a Winter’s day. It’s basically an espresso shot, with steamed milk on top.  It works in Winter because the milk dulls down the strong espresso – but still gives you that sharp taste that wakes you up!


So I hope you enjoyed my (very) short list! Please tell me if you like it and I may do another one for Spring when the time comes 🙂

Keep calm and drink coffee,

Laughter and Lattes 🙂


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