Notes: A New Chapter

Sorry for the lateness!!

Today I wanted to talk about starting new chapters in our lives. As Spring is now here, I can’t think of a more perfect time!

For me, I often found it really hard to say goodbye to someone, and I’m upset by the idea of leaving friends behind if I was to move. But then I realized that surely there’s a better way of seeing these things!

1. Goodbyes aren’t the end

They never are, they’re just the beginning of a new chapter – soppy I know, but true as well. It’s important to realize that lief is made up of loads of chapters, I know this is said a lot, but I think we under estimate how much this is true and that saying goodbye is just closing one door and opening an other.

2. Change is a good thing

And we shouldn’t be scared of it. Its an exciting opportunity to grow as a person and experience more things in life! If life is a book made out of chapters, why live on just one page? So something maybe be good the way it is, but maybe it could also improve? You never know if you don’t try something!

3. A new chapter can help you

Especially to grow as a person. Sometimes it may remove barriers, or throw challenges in your way. Sometimes the sadness of saying goodbye can be the motivation we need to try something new, or to try something outside our comfort zone. So don’t see it as a bad thing, see it as steeping stone to go onto better things!

4. You never know if you don’t try

Well you don’t, so why don’t you? Sometimes being scared of something can give you the push to do something, at the end of the day we regret the things we don’t do!

So I know – like most posts – this has been quite short, but I hope that you like my 4 tips and that you have a great Spring!!

Keep Calm and Drink Coffee,

Laughter and Lattes ❤


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