Revision Tips and Techniques

So I’m pretty sure everyone struggles with exams, and especially revision. So i thought I would share my top tricks on revising!

1. Don’t work for too long at a time

This is really key as you don’t want to over work. So I have some giant lolly pop sticks with different activities on them, such as take a 5 minute break (I have several of these with different amounts of time)Β or start a new subject. Feel free to decorate them! Then when you are revising, every 30 minutes or so pull out one of the sticks from a pot and do what it says πŸ™‚

2. Flash Cards

This is what I often do, using sheets of card cut them into small rectangles and write a question on the front and theΒ answer on the back, again feel free to decorate! Then just quiz yourself!

You can also blue tack them onto cupboard doors very easily, when ever you open the cupboard, fridge or door quiz yourself!

3. Using mind maps effectively

It’s really easy to quickly scribble down a mind map, but that’s no help if it doesn’t stick in your brain. I would suggest sticking it on a mirror, your bedroom door or somewhere you often look at. Then every day read through a note in the morning and in the evening.

4. Revise equal amounts

It’s easy to revise lots on one subject and not on another, so using a timetable can help you stay on track and revise equally on all subjects – even ones you are already confident on.

5. Make it colourful!

You aren’t going to remember it if it’s plain and boring so using different colours for different categories can really help! For example, all my quotes are inΒ pink andΒ all my translations are inΒ red!

I hope you like my tips and find them useful! πŸ™‚

Keep calm and drink coffee,

Laughter and Lattes ❀


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