Tips on styling a room

I wouldn’t say I’m a creative genius when it comes to interior design, infact quite the opposite! But after redecorating and restyling my room, I found some helpful tips and tricks to make styling a room easier!

1. Choose a colour palette

Now this is obvious, but the type of colours to use really important. Try and have a dark colour, a light colour and a bright/main colour, but make sure the colours fit for you. I chose a soft grey, light apple green, and white scheme – although admittedly the grey has been barely been used!

2. Include at least one patterned item

This could be as small as a cushion, but just plain colours can leave the room feeling dull

3. Be expressive

This is something I struggled with! Don’t just copy out of the catalogue, it’s really easy too but make sure to add your mark, weather it’s a print you love, or an item of furniture you want!

4. Make sure you have a plan

And you don’t just make it up as you go along, find furniture you like, fabric you want, and importantly: a wall colour that you love! make sure you know what you’re doing so the room goes together well!


It maybe boring to spend a coupe of days painting, but rushing it will leave the walls sploged and with an uneven coat, and it can make the whole room feel rushed and messy

So I hope you enjoyed my few tips, let me know your ideas and thoughts in the comments 🙂 Have a great week,

Keep calm and drink coffee

Laughter and Lattes ❤


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