Types of Tea and my thoughts

Hi 🙂 Ages ago I did a Spring Drinks blog, and mentioned the idea of trying different types of tea! So I have to admit I’m not a big fan of flavoured and herbal teas, but I thought I’d give it ago and make a post about it 🙂


So this is the type I mentioned in the original post, and I have to admit it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be 😂 I found it really relaxing and overall it tasted really natural, but I found it quite strong, but that definitely won’t deter me 😂

Apple and Ginger

This flavor sounded amazing, however it wasn’t as stronger taste as I thought it would be. It smells very sweetly of apple, and reminds me of apple squash 😂 The ginger didn’t really come through much, and so I think this one I might not have again 😉

Green Tea

So this so far is probably my favourite, it’s quite earthy and natural but I also found it really refreshing. Apparently green tea also has lots of health benefits, as it has loads of antioxidants in, I’m definitely going to start drinking more of this 😉

Lapsang Souchong

This is quite a well known one, and like Green tea originates from China. It smells quite smoky, and it tastes so too, but overall it’s quite bland. It smells stronger then it tastes, and I personally prefer the taste, as it’s less strong. This is definitely a tea I’ll have to start drinking more, as it’s so much more interesting then my normal cup of builders tea 😂

So I hope you enjoyed my reviews 🙂 Comment your favourite ❤

Keep calm and drink coffee,

Laughter and Lattes ❤


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