10 Things I can’t Live Without

So today I’ve decided to list 10 things that I can’t live without, I hope you enjoy my list, and I challenge you to comment yours! (My list isn’t done in order of most important) 🙂

1 – TV

I honestly can’t! I love loads of TV shows, such as Friends and Big Bang Theory! I admittedly binge watch more than I should do, but TV is a great way to waste time 😂

2 – Music

Music definitely plays a part in my life, I love listening to a reasonably wide range of music, but I also play a few musical instruments. I’m also the world’s worst singer, but I can’t help singing tunes where ever I go 😂

3 – My Bible

So I’m not going to go all preachy, because this isn’t a faith post, but the Bible is often were I turn for help and guidance, and so definitely earns its spot on my list.

4 – Recipe Books

I”m a keen baker, but I’m admittedly not good at any cake without a recipe, I always forget an ingredient, or add to much flour. Basically I’m a cooking calamity waiting to happen without a book case of trusted recipe books 😂

5 – Google.

This probably sounds either really stupid, or really understandable depending on who you are! I’m forever googling random things, trying to find out about something. I always end up knowing random facts, that I’ll most likely never need 😂

6 – My collection of jumpers

I have way too many jumpers. I admit it. They lie folded on a small table, in easy access for whenever I need one. I love jumpers just because they’re handy, if your cold you can pull one on, they have useful pockets, and they’re just so cosy and fluffy!! ❤

7 – Clocks, watches and always knowing the time

OK, so this really is random 😂 I always, always have to know the time. I need to know the exact time to the minute (although, preferably to the second). All my clocks and watches are synced to the same time. I guess this is kinda controlling, but I can’t help it 😂

8 – Social media

Fine. I admit it. I use social media. Too much. I’m frequently checking for updates or messages, making sure I’m on top of everything! So your probably thinking I’m a really organised person, but really? No! 😂 I just like to know I’m not missing out 😂

9 – My family and friends

How could I not do a post without a cheesy cliché? 😂 my friends and family mean the world to me, and I couldn’t don anything with out them 💗

10 – Isn’t it obvious? Coffee.

Admittedly I drink too much, but hey, it keeps me energized 😂 I love espressos, cappuccino and lattes, and I am very particular about my coffee. I will happily drink any coffee when I’m out, but at home I have specific requirements when making an instant coffee: it has to be a particular brand (Nescafe Azera), the kettle has to have been boiled 5 minutes before I use it, oh, and it has to be in a certain type of mug, but hey, I just have standards 😂

Thanks for reading, I’d love to hear yours ❤

Keep calm and drink coffee,

Laughter and Lattes 🙂


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